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current garden situation! amaranth / kale, borage, clove, sweet pea, heartsease and rose lemon geranium at the back / donkey’s tail / nasturtium / thyme. 

i give up on growing vegetables. herbs & edible flowers & the occasional leafy salad dude only. 

lena & pip, newcastle baths on Flickr.

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hi. here we are in the infamous nook. the place of dreamy altered states & scarily accurate tarot readings. please take note of my fucked up nose which is now at a slight curve due to being punched in the face two weeks ago. trying really hard not to obsess over this new morphology & trying to embrace it as an embodied reminder of my friendship with matt who cooed a reassuring stream of words at me while he wiped away the blood. 


Stuff I exhibited on the weekend.

<3 so good


Hysterics “Leave Me Alone” Last Show 10/11/2014

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hex appeal are playing this super excellent artist showcase for the brilliant group exhibition i didn’t want flowers, i wanted you to fuck me. it’s our first time playing in the big smoke alongside fantastic aural & visual female artists & i’m super excited to be part of this. we play on the 18th of october but the exhibition runs from the 13th to the 19th so don’t miss out! check it out;

Women’s mental health is an area much stigmatised though socially ingrained ideas of “female hysteria”. For women artists suffering from mental illness, finding safe spaces free of this prejudice to showcase their work can prove extremely difficult. 

This is why Anthea LeBrocq, an activist for women and young people in the arts, has taken it upon herself to put together the inaugural exhibition of ‘I Didn’t Want Flowers, I Wanted You To Fuck Me’. Featuring 15 talented young women, the exhibition provides space for each artist to creatively express their experiences with anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, and addiction.

While more women than men are affected by mental illness in Australia, the self-stigmatisation of young women with mental disorders is still highly prevalent. This stems from a culturally internalised reaction to dismiss to women’s mental issues as just “hysteria” or “overreacting”.

'I Didn't Want Flowers, I Wanted You To Fuck Me' aims to create a space free from this stigma - the exhibition will be partnering with Sydney Grrrls Club, an organisation devoted towards placing an honest, respectful and safe environment for young women online and Grrrls To The Front Festival, a celebration of women in the arts.

'I Didn't Want Flowers, I Wanted You To Fuck Me' will run from October 13th to 19th at TAP Gallery, Burton Street Darlinghurst, and features work by Lizzie Nagy, Leah Jean, Ellie Rose, Amelia Rose, Georgia Denton, Ellen Virgona, Alexis Aquino, Anthea LeBrocq, Maddy Carroll, Maddy Young, Susanna Rose Sykes, Arielle Nguyen, Renae Titchmarsh, Naomi Beveridge and Alice Amsel.

Opening night is on the 13th of October and will run from 6-9 PM, with complimentary alcoholic refreshments.

ps. sydney folks! next hex appeal show this saturday! 

grew some calendula & rose geranium, infused it harnessing the power of the sun & made a balm (+ lemon myrtle essence & beeswax of course. i’ve got 5 small tins!) to make the subsequent bug bites & scratches of summer heal a little faster & smell a little sweeter. 

live slow, die whenever 


Nailhouse - Hit me.

This is from my new bands first show, thanks heaps to Josh Watson for recording it.

yea babes!!!

hi hello. playing a show on halloween! come get mild; i gotta behave myself because i have a fancy wedding to attend in the blue mountains the next day! :3