everyone feel sorry for stephen & his poor willy/urethra which was blocked up with crystal formations. everyone feel sorry for me too (& my bank balance). i will be eating cake & crying at regular intervals throughout the day until i talk to the vet in 5 hours to see what is to be done/if he has to be transferred back to hospital/when he can come home.

  1. pinatasmashing said: sending best wishes to you and stephen,eva.
  2. trashpanzy said: I hope you guys are okay
  3. vile-insect said: Wahhhh, poor little kitty! He’ll be so happy once he’s back with you. Take care of yourself as well as stephen.
  4. theusualbad said: Oh my dear friend all my positive energies are being sent your way across the oceans and trees in what will hopefully be a speedy recovery. I’ve spent my fair share of savings on my old pal Jacob & although it was painful financially it was worth every cent and I would do it…
  5. bluebeadsandbones said: poor little baby!
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